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D4D's mission is to galvanize dancers throughout

our nation to register & vote Nov. 3.

Our website is an adventure.

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Directed by: Samuel Bayer Music by: Macy Gray Executive Producers: Pam Tarr, Julie McDonald Post Production: Spot Welders Featured Choreographers: Keith Young, Debbie Allen, Kenny OrtegaIsabella Fonte, Wade Robson, Nakul Dev Mahajan, JR Taylor, the Seaweed Sisters, Jody Sperling, Chloe Arnold and Maud Arnold.


2020 Dance 4 Democracy Campaign Producers: Julie McDonald & Emmy Frevele

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  • Democracy isn’t broken, it’s just waiting for you to move. @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • Your vote is a terrible thing to waste. @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • I vote because I care about the future. @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • your vote = your voice @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • November 3rd: Vote, for everything you care about. @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • Vote like everyone’s watching. @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • To make it a little more fun for you baseball fans, go to dodgers.com/vote to get educated! @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • Everybody register. Everybody vote. @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • Voting by mail? Vote early. Voter suppression is real. Vote early. @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • If you choose to vote in person, pack a lunch, be available all day, make friends with the people around you in line, and wear your mask! @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

  • Not voting is the #1 cause of unwanted presidencies! Please vote! @dancefordemocracy #dance4democracy

Thank you for being part of our movement.